Superior voters will give a "yes" or "no" vote towards marijuana legalization when they head to the polls during the upcoming November general election.  The question is being placed on the ballot, following a vote by the Superior City Council to do so at their August 16 meeting.

In many ways, the ballot question is for public opinion only.  The referendum question would be "non-binding" and wouldn't change the course of action immediately; marijuana has not been legalized in Wisconsin by the State Legislature.

The official question that voters in Superior will see on their ballot this November will read "Should marijuana be legalized for adults over the age of 21, taxed and regulated like alcohol?" The answer would provide community opinion on a potential statewide legislative action.

Prior to passing the advisory, the Superior City Council deliberated on the wording.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], the age of a legal adult became a sticking issue for some:

"Councilors amended the question and supporting resolution to define the age at which adults would be allowed to use marijuana legally.  Councilor Mark Johnson, a teacher, said he wanted to make sure that the definition of adults reflected people 21 and older rather than those 18 and older."

Johnson's concerns stemmed from the correlation of marijuana use by school age students and the fact that they "are more likely to be behind in school credits, earn failing grades, and exhibit high-risk behavior".

Whatever the result of the referendum is in November by Superior voters, it won't have a direct affect on Legislators down in Madison.  Once again, the referendum would be non-binding, and the Superior City Council has no authority in regards to making laws at the state level.  The outcome would, however, provide commentary and public opinion polling numbers for those state legislators to use when making their decisions.

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