March.  31 days that bring some of the snowiest weather we get during the winter.  It's the month that people grin-and-bear it through, with all eyes on the upcoming spring and it's promise of warmer weather.  That's why it's good to have some holidays and celebrations to help pass the time and keep our mind off of how long winter can be sometimes.

The month of March brings a variety of different holidays and celebrations along with it. St. Patrick's Day.  Sometimes Easter - depending on the year.  For many states and colleges, basketball tournaments and championships.  These holidays often bring the opportunity for cards, presents, special meals, days off, etc. In fact - some argue that these holidays are just excuses to buy things. But a closer look at the calendar reveals that there is something special going on for each of the days of the month. Looked at through that lens, there is actually an awful lot going on during the third month of the year.

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Here is a look at those 'National Days Of' celebrations - with one for each of the days of March. You'll find that some of these days focus on food, some focus on cocktails and beverages, while others celebrate animals and utensils. Pick and choose which day you want to take part in or celebrate them all. Whichever way you choose to play March, you'll have some fun while you count down the 31days. Enjoy.

Marchs National Days Celebrations

A look at all of the 'National Days of' celebrations for the entire month of March.

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