When any other league has come around they falter after a huge start, but the XFL has leveled off for now.

Week 4 was a do or die and they fell off a little but didn't die as all the other leagues did. Right now the league is saying they didn't fall that much, they need to hold on and hope they catch on. I agree, it takes a couple of years for a business to catch on so why wouldn't it take a couple of years for the XFL to catch on. Right now they are at 1.38 million according to Daily Caller and NFL News says 1.4 million.

Daily Caller says if the XFL can stay over a million they have nothing to worry about because their sponsors won't leave. Like I said before they need time to catch on.

Here's the Schwamee's picks this week.

Seattle vs Houston

New York vs Dallas

St. Louis vs DC

Tampa Bay vs Los Angeles

Last Week 6-2

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