Week three begins with a meeting with the officials, and they are told to be less judgemental of the offensive holding calls.

The KOOL Schwamee expressed his dislike of the calling done bye the zebra crew. He says it takes away from the game and we should get back to old school play where the guys were allowed a little tussle, including the defense. Everything is being called and it is calling back big plays and making it so the blocking is sub-par. Usually, people complain about the calls that go against their team, but everyone is complaining about every call.

Something to watch over the next few weeks.

Here are the Schwamee's Picks:

Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Falcons Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens  Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings
Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Houston Texans Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears Washington Redskins

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