With permission from Daybreak Entertainment, KOOL 101.7 presents a one hour special behind the scenes look at making and recording. John Carter Cash hosts this interesting revealing show about how Roy Orbison's sons were able to record with their father.

Here is the Track Listing

1-Opening of the show, short intro of what to expect.

2-Segment One featuring some of the demos made for the album and other unreleased Roy Orbison music.

3-short taste of the demo for "The Only One"

4-Segment 2 More behind the scenes and demos made for "Mystery Girl"

5-Demo for (All I Can Do Is) Dream You

6-Last Segment with Behind the scenes and actual demos for the album


8-She's a Mystery to Me

9-The Comedians (Demo)

10-In The Real World (Demo)

11-California Blue (Demo)

12-The Way Is Love



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