Let me get this straight:  I can drink all the Bloody Mary's or Manhattans I want and can even double-trip the dinner buffet on the house --- but if I want a glass of water I have to pay for it?

Las Vegas - the city the rewards tourists with free food, alcohol, even hotel rooms - is raising eyebrows as one of their top casinos has started charging for water.

One Vegas Chatter writer is incensed that Border Grill at Mandalay Bay is charging a fifty-cent "water fee."

The original complaint came from a friend of Vegas Chatter via Twitter. It read: "$.50 per person water charge just now on my check @BorderGrillLV - WOW." The angry tweeter had been brunching at Border Grill and was doubly angry that this charge was not mentioned on the menu - just the bill.

Border Grill is ready with an official response.

The restaurant charges each customer with a fifty-cent water surcharge because it uses the Natura water purification system. "The reusable glass bottles provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to the waste associated with the manufacture, transport, and disposal of conventional bottled water. Unless you request no water, we will pour unlimited still or sparkling water for every guest at .50 per person."

So in other words - you're charged for the water unless you request NOT to be served a glass.

Why WOULDN'T you drink the Bloody Mary's?!

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