I have enjoyed talking with musicians from the area, then it grew to musicians from the region, then some national acts. Lars talked about the other people this has put out of work.

Lars owns his own management and security company, Stealth. I have worked with Lars for many years now. If I am called upon to do stage announcements for a radio event, music event, or sometimes as a favor, there are mainly a couple of people I see doing stage management. Most of them are Lars.

Lars reached out to me and said he wanted to let people know that there are many parts of the music business that are out of work. The load, roadie, stage manager, sound, lighting, and techs. It's true there are many out of work.

I reached back to Lars because we always talk on stage about music. I wanted to pick his brain and talk up and coming musicians. He had great things to say. First of all, I am behind this, why can't we have more local bands doing the opening for national acts. We are talented in this area.

He had many lessons for new and seasoned musicians. You have to know you are a product, and you have to decide what your product is. Be nice!!!! You might be having a tough night for personal reasons or your voice is shot. If you are nice to everyone they will all work to make you sound good. Step out of your comfort zone. Lars said, in order to keep getting better, you have to take risks with your music. Learn your craft, if you are not informed, you will be taken advantage of by management people and promoters. Make a connection with your audience. You were once out there watching someone on the stage, what did you want as a fan? You might have to do a couple of things for free or reduced-price in order to get the 15 minutes on stage. Then make that 15 minutes count so that you will get more and more. When you are good and easy to work with, word travels fast and you will work again.

Lars had some great stories he shared with me, thanks for coming on.

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