We are always happy to see Team Shuster - especially on national television! The Olympic gold winning curlers were featured on an episode of The Voice Tuesday (May 19th).

The team made the appearance in a funny skit with Blake Shelton. They attempted to teach the coach and country star to curl but obviously, it was not his forte. That doesn't mean it wasn't absolutely amazing and hilarious to watch!

Shortly before the episode aired, Blake took to Twitter to share a photo of him and the team.

Check it out below:

Ha!! It is awesome to see our amazing Team USA still getting the love and attention they deserve. Plus, we can't say we ever pictured Blake as a big curling guy so this was a whole lot of fun.

This isn't their first brush with the country music community. When Dierks Bentley was in town in March of 2019, the country star brought members of the team onstage. Afterwards, he also posted a series of photos with the team hanging out in Duluth.

Team Shuster has also had other amazing opportunities like this one since taking home Olympic gold in 2018. They've been featured on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and attended a Vikings - Packers game as the guests of honor, just to name a few examples. They even battled it out with a famous actress on Twitter. Ha!

In case you didn't know, Team Shuster is made up of Northland natives: John Shuster from Superior, John Landsteiner, Tyler George and Joe Polo from Duluth, Matt Hamilton from McFarland and Phill Drobnick from Eveleth. Way to make us proud AGAIN, guys!

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