I searched with all the major search engines and looked over all the best Prince sites to find out anything. One thing I learned, Prince was a big deal fast.

There is not any proof in print that Prince has ever made an appearance in the Twin Ports. There is a reference to our fine city an article by the Daily Beast when Prince did a dream date for the premiere of the movie UNDER THE CHERRY MOON in Sheridan Wyoming for MTV. Bobby Z supposedly said to the Minneapolis Star and Tribune “It wouldn’t have been the same if it had been in a bigger place — like, say, Duluth — because you really couldn’t take over the town like this has.” credited by Perfect Day Duluth. Lisa Barber had to be the 10,000th caller to MTV and she was a dream date with Prince and the premiere would be in the winner's city.

I went to the Prince Vault and looked where he had played on his tours or small club dates. He was huge into playing First Avenue but as far as playing small clubs, Prince never made it North of Chanhassen. He played Chanhassen, Minneapolis, and Bloomington.

I went to 14 interesting facts about Prince, I found out he wrote his first song at age 7, I found out the sign he changed his name to was called Love Symbol #2. He has been the only person in history to have the number one movie, the number one song, and the number one album. (Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain). I also learned he did not play Duluth, or at least that wasn't one of the 14 things that I would discover.

So, I challenge you, can you find proof that Prince ever played Duluth?

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