What do the kids think of the KISS, mostly known for their face paint, pyro, amped up rock anthems and um ... that tongue? The Fine Brothers, known for their "Kids React" series of videos, played songs by "The Hottest Band in the World" for children. So, how did they like it?

Well, it's a bit of mixed bag. It's not quite the love fest that you might expect for Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and crew, with 9-year-old Max stating, "That hair is questionable," and later returning with the critique, "I just can't get over the hair." Seven-year-old Sophie adds, "Not my type of music. I don't like old music and rock and roll," but later lightening her stance, claiming, "It's okay, but why do they have so much face paint on their face."

13-year-old Alex offers, "Their music sounds the same. If you put them all together and you show them to someone who doesn't know this band, they probably would think it would be the same song," a sentiment echoed by another one of the kids later.

But you can count on 10-year-old Sydney to possibly join the KISS Army at some point. Though not totally familiar with the band, she's seen visually mouthing the words for "I Was Made for Loving You," later expressing, "I like them. They definitely leave you like speechless almost cause you're like, 'That was insane.'" Sydney is all about the rock, adding, "I don't really know because there haven't been a lot of bands that are like that really recently. The other kids listen to more pop stuff or rap music or stuff like that. I mean that music is good and all, but I like this stuff."

Incidentally, some of the kids who were turned off by the harder songs seemed to enjoy the band's ballad "Forever" more, while Sydney offered that it didn't seem like them. Eight-year-old Tida also seemed to be impressed with the overall KISS presentation, stating, "I think if they came out today they'd be really famous and popular because their music is nice. They have a good balance and the costumes are just fun and crazy."

Check out the latest Fine Brothers "Kids React" video focusing on KISS in the player above and stay to the end with the kids trying to mimic Gene Simmons' "tongue" antics.

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