LSC massage department came in today to call awareness to the massage department at Lake Superior College. So I got a free massage.

Taylor gave me a massage while I talked to Shaloe about the department and how they have added some friendlier hours for people looking to make a career change.

One thing I didn't know was that you can get these massages right on campus with the students, there is a cost which you can find out when making the appointment.

I know a student that graduated from the LSC massage program that is on call to massage the stars and frequently gets a call to come down to the local venue and massage the musicians putting on a concert that night. She donates her time for free tickets sometimes.

The program at LSC is a one year 2 semester program so you can be out making money right away. Thanks again to Taylor for the great massage this morning. If interested, find them on the website.

Chris Massage