I always find the stories on how music is written and what inspires the music makers to write the songs. There is a story behind everything. One of the biggest songs "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey has one of those stories.

Jonathon talks about his role in the song and that this song was a true band song. It was originally inspired by his father. He needed money like most musicians. He wasn't making it right away and was asking for a loan. He then revealed to his father he was losing faith in his talent and skills.

That's when his Dad emerged with a nugget of advice saying to him. No, you can't quit, stay put, I will give you the loan. Don't Stop Believing son! He said he wrote it down in a notebook and it wasn't till years later he needed one more song for the ESCAPE

Neal Schon, the guitarist for the band, then talks about how it was written and how everyone added their parts.

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