For many years shiny paper recycling collection provided a revenue source of fundraising for local area schools.  Now it appears that industry demand - and a resulting business decision - has ended the popular program.

The news started to slowly make the rounds over the last week or two as the area schools that participated in the program started to announce the final collection dates.  The news caught many off-guard and left lingering questions as to why the collection was being curtailed.

A recent social media post has shined some light on the situation.  It appears that the demand for recycled shiny paper (the kind of stuff that many catalogs and magazines are printed on) is on the decline.  In our area, the Verso Paper Mill offered a premium price to organizations  for their shiny paper; the economic laws of supply and demand have caught up - leaving less of a need at this point for the would-be waste product.

According to a letter from Verso published on Hartel DBJ's Facebook page, the company isn't ruling out a restart for the program in the future - if conditions change.  The letter also suggests that the company is looking for other ways to help local organizations in their fundraising.


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