The Northland's abundance of snow this winter, followed by our sudden summer-like temperatures, is leading to a lot of melting this week. With temperatures soaring to near (or above) 70 degrees for the last few days, the snowpack around the region has been melting quickly.

The Duluth office of the National Weather Service shared temperatures from around the region on Tuesday, with high temps reaching into the 70s in some places. The top recorded temps even crept close to 80!

All of that heat has been like a hair dryer on an ice cube, quickly melting the ice and snow around the region, causing rivers and streams to quickly swell. Things have gotten to the point that some flood warnings have been issued for parts of the region, and there has even been at least one road closure due to flooding.

To illustrate just how quickly the heat has been melting the snow around the region, the Duluth National Weather Service shared a time-lapse that shows the Nemadji River in South Superior.

The GIF shows the river at 8 am each of the last four days (April 8-11), displaying the snow on the banks of the river shrinking dramatically and the river swelling equally dramatically over those four days.

The flooding concerns outlook gets more complicated as we get to the end of the week and into this weekend. Temperatures are expected to cool, which is good news for slowing down the snow melting. The bad news is that additional precipitation (rain, snow, and a mix) is expected to fall over the coming days.

The National Weather Service suggests an inch or so of rain (or rain-equivalent) could fall between Friday and Tuesday. While this isn't a ton of moisture, it will add to snow melting and add to water already causing rivers and streams to swell.

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