Boo at the Zoo, Halloween Dances, Community get-togethers, there are a lot of events for families that will busy up roadways.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to be on the lookout for Halloween costumed kids or trick-or-treaters this season.  Be cautious on the roads. More and more community events are being scheduled and so there are more families crossing the roads before and after the events.

Parents of trick-or-treaters are also reminded to use safety and common sense when allowing your children to be out for Halloween. The Minnesota Safety Council reminds parents to accompany your child. Make sure motorists see you. Cross in marked areas. Also, wear bright clothing or reflective tape on your clothes. Don't wear headphones and stay off cell phones while crossing. Obey traffic signals and signs. Don't always rely on the traffic signals for motorists, they may not be paying attention. Always stay on the sidewalk or grass off the road. Motorists might not have the room to move over. Walk facing traffic.



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