The latest presentation by the St. Louis Historical Society will give more information on an ongoing controversy.

The presentation will be hosted by Anthony Lueck will talk about where the state line has moved from and now what the latest marking is. The monthly meeting will take place on Thursday, October 17th from noon until 1pm.

A little background on Anthony Lueck. The press release says he is a Minnesota and Wisconsin Licensed Land Surveyor. His survey experience includes the U.S. Forest Service Engineering Department, St. Louis County Surveyor's Office and Krech, Ojard & Associates Consulting Engineers. Currently, Tony is self-employed with North Country Land Survey, Inc.

Tony's presentation is called, “The History of the State Line along the St. Louis River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.”  He will go more in-depth about the controversy over where this line is defined through reviewing related historic documents and the 2017 Retracement Survey. The fued started in 1898, and the war department ratified the findings in 1899. They never checked with the states and so the controversy started there. Anthony will tell the story of what each state has said about their side of the argument.

The event will be held at the Depot in the Great Hall. There is limited theater-style seating and is first come first served with no reservations. The event is free.



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