Ask anyone that knows me well, I will eat Hot Dogs any time of the day. Yes, that means I have Hot Dogs for breakfast.

My dream is to invent a Hot Dog and Mac and Cheese diet and do a video with Cindy Crawford (or any other model that looks great and will eat Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese with me on video)

What are Hot Dogs made of? Well, there is the magic right there. Everyone claims to know but no one does. That may mean that there has been a secret recipe to make them that came from Moses or someone else. Somewhere is a Leonardo DiVinci painting of God handing a Hot Dog to an angel.

What other food has it's own song (Oscar Meyer) and eating contest. What food can you buy cheap at hockey games, football games, or any other event? I bought a hot dog at an art exhibit, proving that hot dogs are high brow too.

I think they may be God's gift to humans because no one knows when they started being made. It may be something passed through the generations.