Some of the things CHUM is looking for doesn't change from season to season.

One of the things the shelter is always looking for is toiletries, new socks and underwear for women, men, and children. All sizes. Also, all sizes of diapers, pacifiers, baby formula, and baby wipes. I mentioned before that they are looking for toiletries but shampoo for baby and adult and they are asking for full-sized.
They are in need of bedding especially Twin sized sheets and blankets. They are in need of washcloths and towels.
Also, they are asking for pots and pans to replace the older ones. Sometimes these can be pricey so you might want to go in on these together with someone.
The Drop-in Center is asking for Laundromat Vouchers. I would imagine they need detergent and drier sheets too.
If you can help, drop off your donations at the CHUM office, 102 W. 2nd St.

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