Many people do this already, sometimes it's to bond, sometimes, their pet sneaks up and sleeps while you are dreaming.

Now surveys are coming out proving it's ok, in fact, good to have your pet sleep with you in bed. One of the studies was conducted by the American Kennel Club, the survey conducted by the AKC said 45% of dog owners, allowed them to be in bed with them.

People have therapy dogs they bring to work, to travel, and to bring with them to events. Research has shown therapy dogs help reduce anxiety. So, knowing that fact, wouldn't it make sense that dogs would reduce anxiety in your life if they slept with you? That fact is backed up by the Mayo Clinic that if you had a sleep disorder it helped, and if you didn't it didn't affect your sleep habits.

Having your pet sleep with you helps lower your blood pressure according to the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Their study showed that petting and sleeping with your dog worked to lower blood pressure and also lowered stress levels.

So, does it help your pet? A study in the journal Human Nature says if your pet is well behaved and can handle being on the human's bed, it makes the bond deeper between owner and pet. Everyone knows sleeping by your pet helps you stay warm, and knowing you are near gives them security.

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