I know most people think their child is gifted in one way or another. Otherwise, there wouldn't be "Brag Books". Sam is writing his own songs, sings with rock bands like KISS and AC/DC and can play with 60% accuracy on rock band. He reads really well, has a huge sense of humor and can understand things that kids his age can't. Is he gifted?


There is more to it than that. I might be considered gifted, but as you look through these things, I don't read well. How many things might your child hit, are they gifted?

This list according to specialneeds.com:

1.  Learns quickly: gifted children learn fast and efficiently, but before you say, mine does. They also retain it to perfection.

2. Creative: a lot of gifted children are missed because they go into the arts. Here's something else to look for, very emotional, and likes evoking emotion in others through art. They have a different way of looking at things.

3. Skeptical: gifted children don't try to prove you wrong, they just don't accept information at face value. They will challenge authority or want to get to the bottom of something.

4. Abstract Thinker: gifted children can think outside the box and solve problems using alternative methods. They think about a story involving people and wonder about emotions.

5. Efficient Reader: Gifted students are good readers and retain all they read very fast. They go through books and want to read more and learn about their world by reading and retaining. They also use large words correctly.

6.  Leadership: they immediately grab the wheel, so to speak, but also are willing to use others opinions in order to make decisions. You will see others gravitate toward them to speak for the group.

7. Empathetic and emotionally sensitive: Gifted children is concerned with right and wrong, not as fact but emotionally. They are socially conscious and are moved by passion when taking on something like the homeless.

8. Prefers older companions: They usually hang out with someone older because not only do they seem strange to peers but can understand mature thinking and process the information easier.

9. Keen sense of humor: Gifted children can often handle the grey area and will understand jokes that are lost on their peers. They are witty and use innuendo.

10. Good guesser: Because they look at problems with different viewpoints they are able to make an educated guess and be correct. They can divide material and analyze it and use it to guess right.