Ask anyone, they will say their child is smart, good-looking, the best athlete, but how do you know if they are a genius, are there signs?

Grandmas have brag books, or at least mine did when I was a kid. That was the way that Grandparents "bragged" about their grandchildren.  My son Sam is writing his own songs, can solve complex math problems, reads fast with great comprehension. Sure, I think he is gifted, but I am biased. So how do you tell if yours is a genius?

There are a few developmental guidelines that often indicate giftedness or genius in kids. If they can master something fast, if they are way ahead of the class and could teach it. If they get bored easily in class because they have a high understanding of subjects.

According to a Parenting website, one of the things to look for is if they show a lot of personality and like to speak. So much so that they stick out as if an adult was in a kindergarten class. When they have so much that they don't seem like a kid, this may be an indication. They have exceptional language skills and they seem to be able to hold a conversation with other adults.

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Obviously, if they are reaching their behavior milestones way faster than other kids, or they are usually a loner and prefer that. They have trouble making friends because they are either bored with the kids their age or they have interests that are for older people.

According to a parenting website, the kids are often stubborn and are proud of it. They can concentrate way faster than the other kids, and the other thing is they look for their niche. They like not being by others because the kids ask strange questions and are othen talking over the heads of their peers.

They can pick up information or do things faster. Some can see something once and repeat it. They are extremely alert and can repeat things back and an extremely fast rate.

If some of these things sound like your kid, maybe have them tested for IQ or see if this is regular behavior too.

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