Let me start by saying, Aaron Rodgers is a phenomenal Quarterback and will be a first-ballot Hall-Of-Famer.

He is also 36, as a Quarterback that is like being a member of the AARP for football players. Brett Favre was 35 when he was done in Green Bay. This past year might be the year he started to show his age. He has played for years with injuries and still makes it happen. 2018 was a sad year and 2019 stats weren't that of a Super Bowl contender.

sportsnaut.com listed his injuries:

  • 2013: Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone, missing seven games.
  • 2017: Rodgers suffered another broken collarbone, came back and played one game, and was then placed on injured reserve (for the second time in 2017) to close out the season.
  • 2018: Nagging knee injury hampered Rodgers for much of the season, and then he suffered a concussion in the final game of the season.
  • There have been numerous other minor injuries that Rodgers has played through.

He has had many injuries he admitted later, and he has had many concussions and near concussions and the collarbone injury seems to keep coming back, plus he played through an ankle injury and many games of a wrapped knee injury.

I'm not saying they should get someone to take over for him, but they should maybe start looking to get the next person to take over. They did that for Brett Favre and it seemed to work out nice, now the next guy can see what Rodgers does and how he thinks.

msn.com is claiming that Green Bay can't make it to the Super Bowl without getting some big names around him. His 2019 stats were not an Aaron Rodgers year. So, do they draft and trade big to put that big team around him or do they start drafting for him?

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