It's January, which is the coldest month of the year for us here in the Twin Ports region. It's no secret that we see frigid temperatures, but if you've been grumbling about the near-zero-degree daytime highs we've seen, wait until you see what's in store.

Forecasts looking into the last week of January are suggesting our "coldest month of the year" really wants us to know that reputation in the final days of the month, with daytime "high" temperatures that will be in the double-digits below zero.

As I always do, here's my obligatory reminder that long-range forecasts more than a couple days out can change quite a bit. As of right now, though, it looks like a pretty mean forecast. Mind you, the temperatures below are air temperatures, and don't factor in wind chills. Even the slightest breeze could make the "feels like factor" even colder, making this cold weather even more dangerous.

When temperatures get this cold, exposed skin can get frostbite in just minutes, and even if you're covering that skin up, if it isn't properly insulated, it could still lead to frostbite pretty quickly. I know we like to be bold and show off our "Northland Toughness", but there's a difference between wearing shorts when it's 30 degrees, and unnecessarily putting yourself in danger when it is this cold.

So, here it is, the forecast. Get the electric blanket ready.

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