Due to the cold weather coming our way, Duluth Parks and Rec. decided to close the Bayfront Warming House.

The House will remain closed until Monday, February 8. At that time Parks and Rec staff will reevaluate when the warming house would be safe to open. Depending on the weather, the closure may continue.

According to a press release, Parks and Rec said that they cancel programs when wind chills reach values below -20 degrees Fahrenheit to stay in compliance with precautions set forth by the Duluth Fire Department and the National Weather Service. The reason they do that is so people don't run the risk of frostbite, which could happen in less than 10 minutes when the skin is exposed. It is not recommended for people to skate, there will not be a fire available to keep warm.

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In a previous story on KOOL's Website skating was opened on January 9th without the warming house service, then eventually opened.

If families want to skate there is still open skating available at the Essentia Health Heritage Center. There are some safety precautions in effect. The public skating is only a few days a week and will cost you $3 for 45 minutes

According to a previous article, the only thing is that walk-ups are not allowed and you need to call for a reservation and have to be done 3 days before the date you want to skate, and carries a limit of 25 people per session.

The best thing to do for outdoor recreation is to stay indoors. I know that sounds funny but the wind chill will be so cold that it is a little dangerous for people to be out and about it the cold.

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