Gander Outdoors Flag

There are big flags and then there are BIG flags!  Say "big flag" and most Twin Ports residents immediately think of the United States flags that fly in the wind outside of Perkins Family Restaurant locations.  Well - you may need to rethink that visual.

The new Gander Outdoors store - the replacement business for Gander Mountain - raised what is probably the biggest U.S. flag in the Twin Ports for the first time on Friday.  The massive 3,200 square foot, 40X80 flag acts as a landmark object 130 feet up in the air atop the flagpole that stands in the parking lot.  The store invited the public to come see the flag being raised as part of in-store festivities.

Gander Outdoors replaced the Gander Mountain back in February of this year - following new ownership and some remodeling.  The store stocks a large inventory of the sort of gear that Northlanders need to embrace and enjoy the outdoors during all four seasons.

Gander Outdoors is located at 4275 Haines Road in Hermantown.

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