The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has changed over the years, and I think there should be one more, One that could encompass more music.

The Hall of Fame says they pride themselves on the MUSIC, well this would be a way to prove it. Add a wing for one hit wonders, then you could have all these great songs that could be a part of the Hall, and maybe you could give some love to the writers and forgotten bands and artists.

What are some songs that have changed your life or inspired change, and that artist will never make it into the Hall of Fame. "We Are The World" is a song that should be in there, among others.

The reasons I gave more my songs were many, and I know I am missing some older one hit wonder songs. Shari offers some titles that she would like to see in too. So what are your choices for songs that should be remembered forever?

Here's what we said about it.


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