As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we have had the honor of talking about some of the hundreds of dedicated, hard-working nurses in our community on the air. Being these nurses might not have been able to hear the wonderful things said about them when we read their nomination on the air, we wanted to share all of the selected nominations here on our website as well.

Thank you to our promotional partners Essentia HealthEngwall Florist and Gifts, and Scrubs Direct, who made it possible for us to recognize these 30 nurses with a gift of flowers and new scrubs. We also want to thank our listeners for the countless nominations that were received, proving we truly have a wealth of wonderful nurses doing fantastic work around the Twin Ports area and beyond. Finally, we want to thank all nurses for tirelessly providing excellent care day in and day out. While we unfortunately were only able to tell the stories of 30 nurses on the air, each nurse truly deserves recognition for the incredible work each of you do, caring for us and our loved ones.

Here are the selected nominees that were read on-air:

Monday Morning

  • Nicole Swanson – Cardiac ICU Nurse
    • Nickie is the most caring, compassionate nurse I know. She works on a very high stress floor, as most of her patients are very ill. She is always on her toes, and works hard to provide the absolute highest level of care she possibly can every time she steps into work. Nickie also creates are warm, comforting environment for the families of her patients as she knows sometimes it's harder on them than anyone else. (She also has the BEST sense of humor, which really helps reduce the stress level when times are tough.)When she isn't working at the hospital, she is working on furthering her education to become a Nurse Practitioner, so she can help a wide range of people and various stages of their lives. Nickie really is the BEST. -
    • Nominated by Lindsay
  • Brittany Sands – ER Nurse
    • Brittany is an amazing nurse! She always provides exceptional and beyond care for her patients. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is always taking any education opportunities she can get to further herself.
    • -Nominated by Jon

Monday Midday

  • Cheryl Michon – Hospice Nurse
    • Cheryl is an amazing person. She is a mother of four and has 3 dogs. She has been working in the medical field for over 40 years anywhere from the birth unit to hospice care. She really knows how to make people feel like their voice is heard and that she understands what they are going through. What a wonderful woman she is. I am truly inspired by her.
    • -Nominated by Destinee
  • Amanda Saari – Med Surg
    • I am nominating Anne because she has worked at Essentia Health Superior for the last 28 years. I am always stopped by family of former patients and told how compassionate and caring she is; How she made them feel at home. Staying in a hospital is always a scary thing but she tries her hardest to put her patients at ease. I feel like she never gets the praise that she deserves and this would be a nice surprise for all her hard work over the years.
    • -Nominated by Ernie

Monday Afternoon

  • Meghan Sislo – Charge RN
    • My wife, is extemely passionate about her job, delivering newborns, and assisting mothers and their families during labor and the families time spent at the birth center. She absolutely loves going to work every single day. Wish I, ( husband) could say the same.
    • -Nominated by Scott
  • Anne Goodiel – Med-Surg
    • I am nominating Anne because she has worked at Essentia Health Superior for the last 28 years. I am always stopped by family of former patients and told how compassionate and caring she is; How she made them feel at home. Staying in a hospital is always a scary thing but she tries her hardest to put her patients at ease. I feel like she never gets the praise that she deserves and this would be a nice surprise for all her hard work over the years.
    • -Nominated by Amanda, Jennifer and Breanna

Tuesday Morning

  • Shaloy Peterson - Hospice Home Care
    • My mom provides kind, caring, and comforting care to patients across the Northland.
    • -Nominated by Dale
  • Pam McArthur – NICU Nurse
    • My daughter had to be born at 10 weeks early. My husband and I were very scared for our daughter and her well being. Pam was one of the nurses in the delivery room. The reason I am nominating Pam is this: I wasnt able to hold my daughter right away like most mother do, all I could do was stare at her while she was in her isolette and pump milk for her. I wasnt getting a lot of milk in the beginning, I was starting to feel sad that I wasnt able to do ANYTHING, my even comfort our new born micro preemie baby (she weighs 1 pound 14 ounces and 12 inches long) I brought down the 1 mL I was able to pump. I expressed my feelings of discouragement to Pam, while we were having this conversation she was doing her normal cares on our daughter. She pulled out a q-tip took the 1 mL of milk and wet it. She then handed it to me, she said gently put this on her tongue like you would a pacifier so I did. I held it there for a few moments and my daughters tiny little mouth closed around the q-too and began to suck the milk off the q-tip and went back to sleep with a little smile on her face. Right then and there, I KNEW I was doing all that I could for our daughter and that was enough for me. I have Pam to thank for that moment, that I will never forget. Thank you for taking the time to read this. The entire staff in the NICU is amazing, but Pam created a moment for my daughter and I when we both needed it.
    • Nominated by Deanna

Tuesday Midday

  • Tina Sandvig – Float Nurse
    • Tina is very passionate about being a nurse. She works very hard and helps every patient with every bit of heart and soul she has to put into them. Despite having to work a weird schedule away from her daughters she still goes to every shift fully ready and happy to help the patients she will encounter and she works extremely hard. Tina has and will do anything and everything to be a nurse as long as she is able to! I can't imagine a more deserving nurse than Tina.
    • -Nominated by Jayme
  • Lori Eller – Surgical Services Nurse
    • Lori was one of my nurses during my emergency c-section and she just made me feel more calm and let me know I was in good hands. She's an amazing nurse!
    • -Nominated by Andrea

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Essentia Health Infusion Nurses Team
    • I was diagnosed with breast cancer this past July; this required 20 weeks of chemotherapy infusions. I received treatment at the Essentia Health Infusion Center. The entire nursing staff there works cohesively as a team and made what was probably the worst 4 months of my life bearable; I looked forward to spending my Friday afternoons with them because they were always so kind and also made it a learning experience (I am currently in Pharmacy school and they answered my MANY questions :) ). I cannot single out just one nurse because they all contributed to the team and truly make chemotherapy a doable thing.
    • -Nominated by Amber
  • Olivia Dibble - BSN MCH Float Nurse
    • I've seen this woman grow as a nurse in a smaller town to accepting a challenge in a bigger town! Couldn't be more proud of how hard she works along with the quality of work she provides to patients she truely cares about
    • -Nominated by Max

Wednesday Morning

  • Brenda Daveau - LPN – Dermatology
    • Being a nurse seeps into every ounce that is my mother-in-law, Brenda Daveau. Brenda has been a nurse for nearly 30 years and it is truly her life's work. She put 100% effort into her patients well being, she is personable and kind to her patient's loved ones, and is incredibly professional with the doctors and other nurses she works with. When she isn't working, Brenda somehow is able to give that same 100% to her husband Don, children, community, local church and her large family. She works extremely hard and has worked many different kinds of shifts over the past 30 years to provide for her family. She is selfless, compassionate, intelligent, understanding and so kind to all walks of life, not just her patients. If Brenda wasn't a nurse, she would probably be a saint! Please consider Brenda Daveau in recognizing her as an amazing nurse!
    • -Nominated by Bridget
  • Samantha Bergeson – RN
    • I am nominating this nurse because I feel as though she has had a lasting impact on all of her patients. As her daughter I can assure you she is completely devoted to helping her patients to the best of her ability and she loves every minute of it. Her capacity to be so hard working and compassionate no matter what the circumstance is at work or at home amazes me. She has a strong determination that sets her apart from others. I am very grateful to have such a strong role model in my life. Thank you for taking the time to understand why she should be recognized in honor of National Nurses week.
    • -Nominated by Jordan

Wednesday Midday

  • Kayla Johnson – RN
    • Kayla is not only an amazing niece, but also an amazing RN working at Essentia Health / Emergency Dept. My sister recently had an emergency surgery and low and behold Kayla was her nurse! She was so caring and used her knowledge she learned from St. Scholastica with confidence. She is a young woman jumping right into the most critical area of any hospital (in my opinion). She certainly deserves a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
    • -Nominated by Kim
  • Scott Peterson - Inpatient Rehabiliation Nurse
    • In the summer of 2012; I was on the Miller-Dwan inpatient rehab floor for 65 days, after spending 10 days on St. Mary's 8th floor due to a massive stroke. I met Scott Peterson on the rehab floor. Scott had a great sense of humor and showed sincere interest in my well-being. He encouraged me to work hard in my therapy sessions and he helped my family prepare to be my caregivers when I returned home. Scott always put in extra effort and went above and beyond his job description. I met many incredible nurses during my stay; however I feel that Scott Peterson deserves to be recognized because he exemplifies what nursing is all about.
    • -Nominated by Carl

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Ellie Kimball - Oncology/Palliative Care
    • During the summer of 2017 my father was diagnosed with an extremely rare Factor VIII blood disorder ( clotting factor) - this condition is treated like a cancer. Although my father had many top-notch nurses during his 6 month battle with this disorder, Ellie Kimball stood out among them! The care and compassion she provided was more than a nurse caring for a patient, she cared for my father as though he was family, and the knowledge and comfort she provided for our family was above and beyond the call of duty. She would go home at night and research drugs that were being used on my Dad, searching for solutions/answers. She mentioned to me that her husband had asked her, "what was so special about my Dad" ... he reminded her, of her father! My father was discharged from St. Mary's, back to his rehab facility on Wednesday, December 6th ... and he wasn't doing very well. Late that Friday afternoon I asked the facility Dr. to come take a look at my Dad ... we were then told he had about 72 hrs. (he was bleeding to the abdomen and very possibly the brain - there was nothing they could do to stop it!) Saturday, around 12:30 pm Ellie stopped by the facility in Superior to see my Dad (took the time on her day off to come visit him) ... she checked him over and said that it wouldn't be long. As my Dad's breathing changed she told me to get the rest of the family, his time had come. Within 10 mins. my father took his last breath at 1:15 pm on December 9th. Nurse Ellie was there with us ... sharing in our tears and our grief. It was almost as though she was meant to be there- to guide us through his final moments and to see my Dad one last time. Ellie Kimball is and outstanding nurse, she goes above and beyond, and she certainly deserves some extra recognition! Thank you, Jill Austin (daughter of Gary E Hooker)
    • -Nominated by Jill
  • Gwen Schaaf – RN
    • Gwen happily gives me three injections for allergies at least once a month & we are entering our second year of this. She is always kind, smiling & happy to schedule the next upcoming injections. She also sets a timer after giving me the shots to make sure they look okay 30 minutes after I receive them. I am grateful for the consistent care I get in Gwen & that she is always in positive spirits....I could never do her job! Thank You Gwen
    • -Nominated by Kristen

Thursday Morning

  • Ashley Keller - RN
    • Ashley is a incredible RN that goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe. Ashley has worked her tale off to get to where she is today. Even when Ashley is off the clock she is studying on ways to better herself as an RN. And she is a great resource to have as a friend. I have never been more proud of someone, as I am of Ashley. She deserves recognition for the amazing work she does.
    • -Nominated by Somer
  • Kellie Walker
    • Kellie is one of the kindest nurses I have ever worked with. I am a CNA on her floor. She is always empathetic to her patients needs, she never looks at them as a stereotype but as a person who needs her. Always advocating for the patient and their best interest, she will hold their hand or sit and talk with them for an hour if they just need someone. She still manages to get everything done efficiently while going that extra mile for her patients. Her team work is something to be heard about also, if I ever need her she is there before I even finish the sentence. She is one of those nurses you see on the schedule and instantly know it's going to be a better night because of it. Her patients and her co workers love her and she works so hard for both.
    • -Nominated by Catherine

Thursday Midday

  • Cathy Privett – Pediatric Nurse
    • Cathy is the nurse you want to walk in that room when your child is in the hospital. She is hard working, compassionate, and competent in her care. As a co-worker she is our go-to resource. Cathy most often has the the answers to your questions, or knows where to find them. She also has the most skill. It is reassuring knowing you have such an experienced nurse by your side, on your team, when critical and scary situations present. A great teacher and mentor she will stand by you and guide or step in when needed to help. A PALS director and PICU instructor, she has served on our evidence based practice committee, and has filled numerous other spots to help make our unit better! She focuses on her job and doesn't add to gossip or negative comments. In fact, she's usually the one pointing out the positive and turning the conversation around. Cathy wouldn't expect any recognition, she's just doing her job, but she does it better than most and deserves to be noticed!!
    • -Nominated by Kristi
  • Jan Anderson - Post coronary care assistant head nurse
    • Jan has poured over 30 years into cardiac nursing. She ensures that the patients needs always come first and advocates for their and their families needs. She puts everything she has into the work that she does and her empathy and compassion are present in every aspect of her care. People in a leadership role often go un thanked, as these are considered a thankless role. Jan is the definition of what it takes to be a nurse and although I am her manager I look up to her everyday. Im extremely fortunate to work with someone in this capacity and think that she deserves and huge thanks for all she does for the staff and the patients at Essentia Health.
    • -Nominated by Jill

Thursday Afternoon

  • Jaime Bridge – ICU Nurse
    • I’m nominating Jaime because I feel she goes above and beyond the expectations of the average nurse. She truly wants the best for each and every one of the patients she has and continuously does her best to provide them with the best care she can provide while they are at the hospital. She picks up extra shifts on many different floors because she truly loves her job and what she does. You can tell she takes pride knowing that she’s doing her very best to help others continuously. I think It would be nice to see a great nurse like Jaime recognized.
    • -Nominated by Brianna
  • Scott Stellmach – RN
    • Last week during the MCI Was one of the many time Scott has demonstrated his leadership, flexibility and knowledge as an ER nurse. During this very stressful time Scott was able to help staff that were new to the ER provide support and leadership for them. He treats patients and families with respect and grace. He deserves to be recognized for his dedication to serving our community and department.
    • -Nominated by Vicki

Friday Morning

  • Kristin Reinarz - RN-Birth Place Labor Trained
    • Kristin is known for her kind compassionet care. Not only is she a advocate for her patient's but also her peers leading by example training new nurses, delivering newborns and making new parents experience as comfronting as possible. This does not come with out it's challges but Kristin is able to overcome these obstacles with her skills as a Registered Nurse. Kristin deserves more recognition than another Daisy award or this nomination she has told me several times a healthy newborn baby and the smiling faces of new parents is what keeps her drive going.
    • -Nominated by Shawn
  • Annette Tucker - Hospice Nurse
    • Annette is amazing at her job. She has a way of caring & comforting families during some of the hardest moments of their lives. She is able to connect with patients who are about to reach their last breath, & she brings them joy & comfort in ways that most people cannot. She goes the extra mile. Annette facilitates a beautiful collaboration of nursing care & compassion that is so inspiring to those around her. She works so hard, & never asks for recognition, but I think she deserves some, because she truly is one amazing nurse
    • -Nominated by Brianna and Kaitlyn

Friday Midday

  • Heather Usher - ICU
    • She has been a nurse for a number of years. She is the most compassionate kind hearted person I know. And also goes above and beyond her duty to make her parents feel special.
    • -Nominated by Jason
  • Jodi Conlin – OB Nurse
    • There are so many reasons why I want to nominate this special nurse. She was there for the birth of my son, she was so encouraging and supportive. shr stayed late to assure she was there for the birth and also took care of us both post birth for our stay. She has so much compassion, empathy and I could tell she truly loved her job! She is an amazing nurse and I hope to be half as good as her when I finish my RN degree.
    • -Nominated by Christine

Friday Afternoon

  • Sherry Roen - LPN
    • I am nominating Sherry Roen for this deserved recognition because she is an excellent nurse who has been practicing as a nurse for 30+ years. She is compassionate, loving, caring and extremely patient. Although I know many nurses exhibit these qualities, I believe Sherry goes the extra length to show these qualities with each and every person she comes into contact with. I also don't feel nurses get the recognition they deserve. It's not as glamorous as people think it is. It's extremely laborious work, long hours, usually you are understaffed and most of their days are extremely stressful. Many nurses go without lunch/dinner, many don't have time for a break, and I would say all take on more responsibilities then many will ever know. Lastly, I just want to put a smile on her face and make sure she knows that she is appreciated. She is a true inspiration!
    • -Nominated by Amanda
  • Jamie Birnstihl - RN
    • My wife Jamie works rotating night/day shifts to support our family by saving money on daycare and taking care of our children after working all night. Jamie takes pride in doing all aspects of her job the right way, in her training, her training of others, her documentation, her communication with peers and patients, following proper procedures, and most importantly ensuring her patients receive the best possible health care she can provide. When Jamie talks abor work, I can see the excitement on her face and hear it in her voice, she truly loves being a nurse and deserves this nomination.
    • -Nominated by Andrew

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