We all know the Holidays are hectic. Then add kids and pets in the mix, and it is full on stress mode. Our pets can get stressed out too, so you need to keep an eye on them around food and guests.

Our two little dogs are notorious for begging, they are both little but like to stand at your feet and give you a big stare down. Now, of course we try our hardest to limit table scraps, but we are guilty of this on occasion.  So with a big feast like Thanksgiving dinner, you really have to watch out.

Ideally, if possible, have your cats or dogs contained in a separate room when the food is being served. This would be nice for your guests and also keeps your animals from getting too many scraps or the wrong types of food that could make them sick. If you do have them somewhere else, give them some type of treat like a nylon bone or chew toy, play some music or turn on the TV, and if you can put their favorite blanket or bed in the room.

If you are not able to have them away from the food here are some dos and don'ts to keep your animals healthy and happy during your big meal.

  • Turkey: Never give your pet raw turkey, and if possible white meat only which is less fatty. Remove all bones and only small portions.
  • Sage: Can be especially dangerous to cats if eaten in large quantities, plus the combination of many spices together could upset your pet's stomach.
  • Raw Bread Dough: I honestly can't think of why this would be a good idea under any circumstances to feed this to your pets. This could make them very ill as it could expand in their stomachs and again make them very sick.
  • Desserts: Sugars and fats are not good for dogs, plus of course their is chocolate which most people know can be deadly for dogs. If you want to give them dessert go to a pet store and get them treats made just for them.
  • Plants and Flowers: These can be especially deadly for cats, so make sure that your guests are aware you have animals and maybe request no plants or flowers are necessary.

Lastly make sure you properly dispose of the turkey carcass and random bones. Dogs and even cats have a way of getting to this when nobody is looking, and you don't want your evening to end with a trip to the Emergency Vet. So, plan ahead and your pets welfare can be crossed off your to do list.