The weather has been quite a rollercoaster lately. If you live in the Duluth or Superior area, you know what I mean.

We saw everything in the month of May. We had snow in Northern Minnesota at the end of May and even record-breaking cold at one point in a time where we are supposed to be inching close to summer!

Now, in the first week of June, it looks like summer is finally here. We have record-breaking high temperatures in the forecast for the weekend of June fourth and while this may not seem out of the ordinary for the month, it isn't as common as you might think.

KBJR 6 shared some fun facts ahead of our heatwave that were super interesting. I was shocked by all three of the facts they shared!

I can't believe we haven't hit the nineties in June for nearly sixteen years! Keep in mind, this was shared on social media on Thursday, June 3rd. These statistics could change or be broken as we head into the weekend but as of late in the week, this is where things stand.

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In late April, we saw some heat that was warm at the time. We hit the seventies in the Duluth area! It looks like we will be a touch warmer for the month of June. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, we will see above-average temperatures for the most part, along with a mix of sun and rain.

Of course, as temperatures turn hot, make sure you take care of yourself. Drink water, stay hydrated and find cool places to stay. Summer is good but getting heat exhaustion is not.

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