Heat Advisory In Effect Means Take Precautions
We're in the month of July and the month is known as dog days, because it is the hottest days of the year. We have been issued a few Heat Advisory Days. People should take precautions. People are encouraged to check on their neighbors, especially if they are elderly or do not have A/C.
Why Do Air Conditioners Weigh So Much?
When I was knocking around as a kid living in the South I was broke most of the time.. Broke and hot. I remember the yearly chore of installing the window air conditioner. After I slid that dog in the window and turned it on, I was still broke, still hot, and wondering how I was going to pay the ele…
NFL Cheerleaders
All this time I thought you were watching the game for the action on the field, but really we love what's hanging out on the sidelines, and I'm not talking about the coaches.