Evening news in the Northland will look different as a member of the KBJR 6 broadcast team has announced that she will be taking a new opportunity.

KBJR 6 used their Facebook page to acknowledged her departure and to also wish her will. They admitted she will be missed, saying it part "thank you for your professionalism, honesty, loyalty and of course a lifelong friendship."

This came after Bowman utilized her station Facebook page to let views know that she was leaving and provide a hint as to what her next adventure would entail:

After almost 15 years as a broadcast journalist, I'd been thinking it might be time for change. An exciting opportunity in the Twin Cities presented itself, so I took it. I'll share more about that later. I'll still be able to focus on issues I care about, just in a different way.
It's tough to leave the only career I've known, and especially when it means leaving the wonderful folks in the newsroom at KBJR. I feel lucky this was my last stop in what was a wild journey over the last decade-and-a-half. I will miss so many things about this crazy job, but I know it's time for new beginnings.

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She added that this was bittersweet news for her to report and that rather than say goodbye, she would just say "see you later". She does plan on returning to the area regularly for personal reasons such as to visit friends, to hike and to camp.

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