Winter is definitely not over yet, but aside from some heavy snow early in the season, it really hasn't been too crazy of a winter. January is traditionally one of the coldest months of the year, and while we saw below normal days in Duluth, the National Weather Service reports that a vast majority of the first month of 2020 saw above normal temperatures.

Of the 31 days in January, 22 of those days saw a temperature at least 1 degree above normal. While those minor temperature variances of a couple degrees from normal aren't necessarily super impressive, a total of 8 days saw temperatures 10 or more degrees above normal temperatures. What is "normal" for January? Through much of the month, it is somewhere between 18 and 20 degrees for a daytime high.

Here's a full breakdown of the variances from "normal" temperatures in January:

  • Days with above normal temperatures: 22
    • Days 10+ degrees warmer than normal: 8
  • Days @ normal temperatures: 4
  • Days below normal temperatures: 5
    • Days 10+ degrees colder than normal: 1

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