It has been chilly around the Northland, with even colder temperatures ahead this week. While there might be a natural sense to be bummed out about what seems like an early start to winter, there are some reasons to embrace the cold. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy.



Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

We're getting closer to the November 23 opening of Bentleyville, and cold temperatures now could be a good thing for Bentleyville in a couple weeks. Hear me out. If we see continued cold, the ground will freeze well enough to hold snow, and it will be cold enough to snow (instead of rain). That means walking through Bentleyville at the beginning of the season will be even more of a winter wonderland. Don't get me wrong, it is awesome with or without snow. The added visual of the white stuff on the ground takes things over the top, though.


Ice Fishing/Winter Sports

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I'm partial to ice fishing, but the cold weather bodes well for winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds. So, the cold temperatures will lead to earlier ice-in, which will hopefully mean good early ice to get out and land some lunkers. The same ice will mean when trails open on December 1 that snowmobilers would hopefully have decent ice to ride on for trails that cross waterways. The same cold will mean earlier opening dates for ski hills, who can make snow with temperatures being where they are expected to be.


Getting your Winter Skin

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I know plenty of people who talk about needing to "get their winter skin" to be used to the cold for the season. With the cold temperatures coming a little earlier than normal, we're "ripping the band-aid off", and getting acclimated ahead of schedule. Then, when that inevitable 45 degree day later in November rolls around (maybe), it will feel like a gorgeous summer day. Remember what 45 degrees feels like for the first time in the springtime? It creates an appreciation for something we only get so much of here in the Northland. I know, this one is a bit of a stretch, but I promised 5 things.


Cozy Clothes & Comfort Foods

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Let's face it - Sweaters, flannel shirts, and warm socks are comfy to wear. Comfort foods like the Northland staple, hot dish, are also 100% in season. Plus, it is totally binge watching season when it gets cold. Who can say no to enjoying a good show and being all warm and cozy? Conveniently, those warm and cozy clothes hide the couple extra pounds some of us might put on this winter eating those hot dishes and binge watching shows. See? Convenient.


It's Downright Beautiful

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

There is so much beauty every season around the Northland, including the cold weather months (as seen here). From snow-covered treelines around a lake to steam rolling off Lake Superior, there's beauty in the cold. On top of that, cold temperatures are one of the components to seeing the Apostle Islands Ice Caves open to visitors. There are a lot of other factors that come into play, though. Heck, we saw a stretch of record-breaking bitter cold last winter, and conditions still weren't right for safely visiting. The cold doesn't hurt, though.


Bonus Reason

I know this is a contentious issue; but for those that like putting up their Christmas decorations early, the cold temperatures are a kind of justification. If it feels like winter, why not decorate? I don't personally subscribe to that theory, but if you do, there's your justification.


There you go. Some reasons to embrace the early cold. I mean, we're Northlanders. The cold never bothered us anyway, right?