April showers bring May flowers, at least that is how the saying goes. If this phrase is true, it looks like we will see quite a bit of flowers come May!

Why? Because April has been overall pretty rainy and gloomy. The evidence of this can be found courtesy of FOX 21 Chief Meteorologist Sam Gabrielli.

He shared a graphic of an April calendar on his Twitter page Tuesday (April 27th). On the graphic, he detailed how much rain we saw each day, if any. According to his report, up to that point, the Duluth area had seen about seventy-five percent of the month with gloomy conditions. Yikes.

He also goes into greater detail, reporting that we've seen about seven dry days. The Duluth area has had about eight days worth of trace amounts of rain and eleven days worth of rain in total.

We will see how the rest of the month shapes up but it is safe to say the month is going to go down as a pretty wet transition into spring. The good news is we are going to see a taste of summer as we start the month of May as well.

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While it is exciting that actual spring-like temperatures are around the corner, it looks like allergy season is going to be worse than ever this year. A new report says allergy season will also be longer than usual, too.

By the way, once we head into May, we should be in the clear for La Niña. We were expected to have a La Niña winter event and now, we are looking at average conditions come May.

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