Do you ever notice that when you go to the grocery store to pick up just a few items, you always ending up spending more than you planned to?


There are a few tricks grocery stores use to get you to spend more money, like handing out free samples.  Sure, Costco is famous for this but more and more grocery stores are doing it and it works. It makes you more likely to buy something you hadn't planned on and they generally give out samples of salty or sweet foods which taste good and make them harder to turn down.
Have you ever wondered why shopping carts are so big?  They want you to see your cart as not very full, making you think you need to put in more stuff.

They put the higher priced stuff at eye level. When it's front and center, you are more likely to throw it in your cart. Look down or up for the cheaper brands.

This one I figured out long ago. They always put the essentials in the back of the store. You know, like bread, milk, cheese, etc. you have to walk past a lot of stuff to get there, making it likely you'll buy something more.

And finally, the old "10 for $10" kind of sale. This will lead some to believe that you have to buy 10 to get the deal. Sometimes you do but mostly you can buy however many you want at the same price..

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