Here's something to look for the next time you're grocery shopping:  The national food chain Aldi has rolled out 80's rock music-inspired cheese products - just in time for Valentine's Day and the upcoming Grammy Awards.  The cheeses are available in stores as of February 6.

Customers can choose from six different cheese-styles, with rock-inspired names.  Aldi is selling the following cheeses:

  • Billie Goat Is My Lover
  • Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat
  • Sweet Cheddar of Mine
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina
  • Pour Some Gouda on Me
  • Total Eclipse of the Havarti

The cheeses are branded under the Happy Farms name and retail at Aldi for $3.49.  And if you want them, you'd better hurry; like many products sold at the discount food grocer, these are a limited-time release and won't be available after they sell out.


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