As we were traveling down 27th Avenue West my husband pointed to one of the entrances of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail because he noticed someone had dumped their old furniture there.  I made him turn around to get a picture because it shocks and amazes me that some people are so inconsiderate and experience no guilt.My husband said he wasn't surprised.  He runs many of our Northland trails with his friend Gary and said they've seen appliances, furniture and household garbage left in what some people consider "out of the way" places.  However, to those that use those trails, it is disheartening.  Not only is it hard for humans to look at but think of the wildlife that call those areas home.  What if curiosity gets the best of them and they end up eating couch stuffing or crawl into a mattress and get stuck in the springs?  There are good reasons why there are designated areas to bring your unwanted items. I know those of you who read this may agree with me and aren't guilty of illegal dumping, but I was angered enough to want to write this blog and provide a couple of local options to bring household and unwanted garbage.

If you think about it, that furniture sits there until someone who sees it reports it.  I'm sure many sets of other eyes have seen it, but don't know who to report it to or have the time to do so.  Once it's reported, someone has to go there and haul it out of the "out of the way" place to a vehicle large enough to transport it.  Then, there's the issue of who pays to have the item(s) disposed of.  All because a person or persons chose to use their energy to lug it there instead of paying to have it disposed of properly.

Seriously, have some pride in the community you choose to live and consideration for those you share it with.  Not to mention it's illegal, why are you immune to the same rules other people are expected to follow?  Here's a few suggestions that may help you make better choices the next time you're faced with getting rid of things you no longer want.

*These are suggestions based on the fact that my family has used them to gather information or dispose of our own unwanted items.  There may be other businesses in the area that offer these services.