Black Friday is so confusing now after COVID. Most of the shopping was done online last year because there weren't many shopping days.

This year there are more shopping days, but in order to light a fire under consumers and beef up the Black Friday sales this year, most of the stores are starting their sales early and some are doing early sales and other sales to start on Black Friday in order to stoke the fire.

Black Friday has so many sales and coupons as well, Sometimes it's hard to keep track of them. Here is a quick way with a couple of websites with coupons and links to print up a plan, coupons, and shop online or in stores. There is also a listing so you can plan your shopping.

There used to be so many coupon sites available, but as I said, shopping has changed this year and possibly forever. The websites always have the latest sales.

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Black Friday has scans of coupons and also makes it easy to navigate. They have them broken down by stores and deals. It allows you to shop at certain stores, especially if you are going to the Twin Cities to shop, there are coupons for stores there too.

The other website that has all the deals and the day they hit is called The Black Friday. This website also breaks down sales by stores, but has some scans and also has the latest news on when certain parts of the sales go live. Because, like I said before, there are some sales that have not started, some have items on sale now and some later, and some haven't started yet.

I have used these websites every year and am able to save money and know exactly what is going on with the sales. There are other sites that charge you for deals, you can print most coupons from either site, if you can't print you can screenshot the coupon, or just use your phone and let the business scan it.

If you are shopping locally Downtown Duluth has a listing of products and services. You are invited to visit the website and go into the business because they are running storewide sales, or find their website to get each local deal that is going on.

If you shop locally, some places are offering prizes for shopping there.

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When you get your COVID-19 vaccine, you're handed a card that details the date, manufacturer variety, and location of your dose. If you're getting one of the two-dose vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna), you'll need that card to coordinate your second and final dose. But even with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and even after getting the second shot, you'll need to keep that card in a safe place.

While nationwide vaccine mandates aren't a thing at the present time, there are a variety of times you might need that card even after completing the vaccine process. Many schools (primary, secondary, and higher education) are requiring the COVID-19 vaccine similar to other vaccinations. Additionally, some entertainment venues and mass transportation are requiring either proof of a negative COVID test or the vaccine card.

So what happens if you lose it? Relax. There are ways of obtaining a replacement - and they differ slightly whether you've lost it before getting both doses or after.


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