Influenza came early this year, with many people already sickened by the serious virus. But this year is different than other years. Here's why.

WCCO reports that the Influenza B strain has emerged first this year, which is different than most flu seasons. Usually Influenza A comes first and B comes later. But, last year we didn't really see an outbreak of Influenza B. Experts say that may be why the B strain has come through.

Both strains of the flu are serious and exhibit the same symptoms. Fever, chills, fatigue, etc.The flu vaccine also does cover both strains of the flu, and it is not too late to get one. It's still the best defense against the illness.

Influenza B also tends to affect children more than adults. There's been 55 flu outbreaks in school this season already in Minnesota according to the Minnesota Department of Health. 

You can read more about this flu season's outbreak at WCCO.


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