The 58th Annual Christmas City of the North Parade takes place this Friday at 6:25 pm. Last year was the first time I wasn't a part of it in some way shape or form. This year I will be walking along with my youngest son Sam while he dances with his group.

The Parade begins at the Fitger’s Complex and continues along Superior Street. The Parade will follow some of the old route, every year I have been a part of the parade we lined up on Railroad Street and proceeded by the Amsoil Arena over the Lake Ave Bridge and took a left on Superior Street.

The route will take 13 blocks of Superior Street, from 9th Avenue East to 4th Avenue West. The Parade moves up to 9th Ave E for the start, continues West along to Superior Street to 4th Ave W where the Parade units disperse onto Michigan Street.

This year take advantage of free parking after 5 pm in most areas. Here is a list of places that you can park from

Suggested Parade Parking:

Free parade parking will be offered beginning at 5 p.m. for ramps at the following locations:

  • Shoppers Auto Park at 18 North Second Avenue West
  • Fourth Avenue Auto Lot at 402 West Michigan Street
  • US Bank Ramp at 230 West Michigan Street
  • Tech Village Ramp at 10 East First Street
  • 1st and 1st Lot at 123 East First Street
  • Medical District Ramp at 302 East First Street
  • Fitger's at 600 E. Superior Street
  • Phoenix Parking Lot- at 98 North 4th Avenue West
  • St. Luke's Hospital Ramp at 1020 East First Street
  • St. Luke's Employee Parking Lot at 119 N. 12th Ave East

Here's a breakdown of events from, Floats will begin lining up at 4 p.m. on London Road between 10th Avenue East and 17th Avenue East.

The parade will travel down Superior Street, beginning at 9th Avenue East and ending at 4th Avenue West.

Following the end of the parade, marching bands will be sent to Michigan Street, and floats sent to 5th Avenue West.

Road Closures:

Beginning at 4 p.m., London Road will close to traffic from 10th Avenue East to 14th Avenue East.

Superior Street and Michigan Street will close at 5:45 p.m.

Also beginning at 5:45, vehicles won't be allowed to exit Michigan Street lots and ramps, and will be sent to the 5th Avenue West off ramp.

10 a.m.:  No parking at the meters in front of Pickwick on the east side of Superior Street.

Noon: No parking on the upper side of Fitger's Inn.

3 p.m.: No parking allowed on both sides of London Road from 10th Avenue East to 14th Avenue East, and the upper side of London Road from 14th Avenue East to 17th Avenue East, 12th and 13th Avenue East from London Road to Superior Street, Jefferson Street from 13th Avenue to 14th Avenue East, and the Rose Garden Parking lot.

4 p.m.: No parking on Michigan Street from 5th Avenue West to 4th Avenue West.

5 p.m.: No parking on Superior Street from 10th Avenue East to 5th Avenue West

Bus Routes:

DTA buses will use First Street for Westbound routes and 2nd Street for Eastbound runs.  Jefferson bus lines will be allowed to access the Duluth Transportation Center on Michigan Street.

Traffic in the downtown area should return to normal starting at 8:30 p.m.


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