1958 was the first Christmas City of the North Parade. It's become a Northland Tradition to watch it live, or have it on your TV, and now streaming.

Parking is free Downtown Duluth, and you may want to get there early if you are setting up on your place on the block. Things to have? A blanket or 10, a warm coat, a fold-out chair, warm hat, warm gloves or mittens, someone warm to sit next to, a good spot on the parade path.

This year is being broadcast again on KBJR 6 and streaming on their website.  The parade should get underway around 6:25 pm and starts at 10th Avenue East. (In years past it started on Railroad Street.) There is more info posted on their facebook page here.

This year there is a new version of the song Christmas City that will be out on the new Christmas By The Lake XII.

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