Many people give out gift cards as gifts, many feel it is easier than finding that special gift. Not a thing wrong with that, and if you use them right it can make for a fun evening out and you don't have to spend a dime.

The Holidays are over and things are slowing down, as we get ready for spring to get here and we feel the winter blues set in, but wait did you forget about the gift cards you received?

Well Miss Kelly and I did not want to cook the other night and we remembered we had gift cards to the Fitger's and hopped in the truck and headed down town to grab so grub.  We went to the Brew house as Miss Kelly has never been there and I only once many years back.

Love the look and feel of the Room, many types of people there. What a fun selection of food and Beer and a great night out with the gift cards and not costing us a dime. Find your cards and use them up and you just may find a new place to enjoy.