For nearly 26 years, spring in Duluth was marked with a fun annual event at Figter's Brewery Complex. When you spent time at Bockfest, you had a great time and you felt like we were finally crawling out of winter and summer was indeed on the way.

In 2020, Fitger's Bockfest was preparing to celebrate its 26th year of welcoming spring to the Northland. Of course, we all know what happened early in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything went off course, including Fitger's Bockfest.

The pandemic caused cancellation of Bockfest in 2020 and, as was the case with a lot of events, it was cancelled again in 2021 as COVID-19 continued to impact the Northland. As we approach spring in 2022, Fitger's is ready to once again give it a go.

They announced the return of Bockfest on the Fitger's Duluth Facebook page and once again it'll be a fantastic way to welcome spring to the Northland.

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Spring 2022 officially starts Sunday, March 20 and just under two weeks later, Fitger's Bockfest will take place, promising another weekend full of great beer and music along with a Bock hunt, Volksmarch, bonfire social and plenty more. They will continue to provide event updates on the Fitger's Duluth Facebook page as Bockfest weekend approaches.

Fitgers Bockfest officially returns on Thursday, March 31 and then continues on through Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2, 2022.

Remember when you go that you just don't drink the bock beer, you have to make sure to let them give it a poke with the red-hot poker. That is a tradition that will deliciously caramelize the the malt, giving the beer a smoky character and a creamy mouthfeel.

Personally, I'm very excited by this announcement as it not only provides a little feeling of normalcy, but Fitger's Bockfest is an event I tried to hit every year. Let's all gather around the fire again this year and get poked.

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