If you weren't a big fan of winter arriving in October, worry not! There is some extended relief on the horizon - but temper your expectations if you're hoping for a return of summer.

After a very winter-like start to the last week of October, it looks like Halloween won't be completely frightening on the temperature front. The week will slowly but surely warm up to seeing forecasted highs in the mid-to-upper 40s in the Twin Ports area on Halloween Day. The National Weather Service is currently calling for 45 degrees on Saturday for Duluth, though it will also be accompanied by breezy conditions.

The "warm-up" will continue beyond Halloween, with the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service forecasting a warmer outlook through the first week of November. They shared a graphic on Facebook Monday that depicts a favorable probability of seeing warmer than average temperatures from November 2 through November 8 across most of Minnesota and Wisconsin, including the Twin Ports area.

That sounds pleasant, right? What's the bar for "average" though? Through the first week of November, the average temperature for the Twin Ports area is in the low to mid 40s. So if the above-forecasted probability of seeing above average temperatures holds out, we should at least see temperatures less conducive to snow during the day, if nothing else.

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After an early taste of winter, here's hoping the forecast pans out and we moderate a little before diving back into the inevitable cold and snow of winter that is probably not too far around the corner.

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