The Good Morning America Show has been showcasing all the states in America and they visited Minnesota.

They started by showing Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Mississippi River, the Capital, they mentioned the state has over 11,000 lakes, and they talked about Paisley Park and Prince. I was surprised they didn't mention Bob Dylan. They did mention Mary Tyler Moore and showed the statue in the report.

What else did they miss? I think they could have talked about the Aerial Lift Bridge. There aren't many bridges in America like that and it is part of Duluth. That's something else they didn't report on, the city of Duluth. They got Duluth Pack but not Duluth. Jeno's Pizza started here and Jeno's Pizza Rolls, and Chung King Chinese food.

Here is the Lone Ranger and Tonto doing a commercial for Jeno's Pizza Rolls.

They missed the ships and shipping, the iron ore, and many other things. I know they only have so much time, but they spent a lot of time in the Twin Cities, and even missed some things from around the state, like our hockey programs.

GMA warned Minnesota that they were coming to showcase the North Star State and Robin Roberts tweeted it.

Then t moved up North to Duluth Pack. and interviewed CEO Tom Sega to talk about the quality of the bags and the fact that each one is made in American with products sourced in America. They also mentioned that each bag is signed by the person that made it.

Then they moved on to Split Rock Light House and the historic Light House. Split rock recently was named one of the top 5 campsites in America.  You can take a virtual tour of the lighthouse and see why this place is such a national treasure.

Robin Robers is very familiar with Minnesota because she used to work for ESPN and reported about and from some of the parks, fields, and stadiums of our Minnesota sports.

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