For the 4th year Duluth Pack is doing their 'Buy A Pack, We Give Back' promotion to celebrate Arbor Day.

Starting Thursday, April 22nd and running through May 31st Duluth Pack will team up with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to plant a tree for every Duluth Pack manufactured item sold.

During the last four years of the 'Buy A Pack, We Give Back' campaign 15,000 trees have been planted and Duluth Pack hopes to surpass their 2020 goal of planting 5,000 trees. White pine and white spruce trees will be planted around the Cloquet area.

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The promotion is for customers who shop at the Duluth Pack flagship store in Canal Park and through Duluth Pack says, "Each tree shows customers the impact they can make when purchasing from a Made in the USA business."

The Minnesota's Future Forest Fund is managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and each year the fund helps plant millions of seedlings on state lands each year.

Andrea Johnson, Duluth Pack’s Marketing Manager said, "This campaign is about paying it forward. Purchase a product that promotes small, local, and Made in USA business all while supporting the greater good by planting a tree."

National Arbor Day is April 30th and its history goes back to 1872 when the first Arbor Day event happened in Nebraska, by the 1920s more than 40 states celebrated the holiday, today every state has an official Arbor Day, and it's generally celebrated on the last day of April.

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