Here's something you don't come across too often. Or ever.

Mr. Hot Wing is a goldfish who's more than an aquatic creature with an awesome name. He also has braces.

Veterinarian Brian Palmeiro, who works at Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology in Allentown, Penn. and is nicknamed "The Fish Doctor," performed the surgery to put braces on Mr. Hot Wing, who desperately needed them, according to the practice's Facebook update on the little fella:

Palmeiro created the braces from a plastic credit card. And the whole surgery only cost about $150, which means that in addition to a better smile, Mr. Hot Wing also has a much better health plan than you do.

Of course, he's also going to feel pretty self-conscious when he talks to all the other girl fish in school. (Get it? Like a school of fish? Because lots of kids in school have braces? Oh, just forget it.)

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