Easter is coming, you can tell by the huge cellophane wrapped Easter baskets at the department stores filled with toys and candy.  But, what do you put into a basket for your adult best friend or significant other?  Here's some ideas, then let your imagination flow!


Short of giving an Easter basket of healthy fruit, which would then make it a boring fruit basket, what should you give?  Think about what the basket receiver likes, what are their hobbies, are they into dining, what kind of books do they read.  The possibilities are endless.  Here's some ideas to get you rollin'.

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    Gardening Easter Basket

    Spring is around the corner, soon we'll see buds on the trees and it will be time to plant seeds to harvest in the summer and fall.  If you have a gardener of flowers or fruits and vegetables in your life, I bet they'd love to have some colorful new gardening tools.  You could skip the basket and use a watering can or a flowering pot and add some flowering seeds or miracle grow.

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    Gift Certificate/Card Easter Basket

    Oh, you can have fun with this one!  The possibilities are endless depending on what the person you're making the basket is into.  You have to pay attention to what they might say they've been meaning to buy themselves.  Or, maybe you've noticed their tennis shoes are looking a bit shabby so a gift card to a shoe store is in order, then you could include socks and a home made coupon book for several walks on Duluth's Lakewalk.  If they are a foodie, get restaurant gift cards, grocery store gift cards and include some fun jams, pickles or cheeses, meats and crackers.

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    Crafters Easter Basket

    This basket has unlimited possibilities.  They may be into a certain craft like knitting and can put together a basket filled with new needles in sizes they don't have and several skeins of yarn.  Scrappers are super easy to buy for or perhaps you want to start them on a new craft and can get them the materials and instructions for that.  I'd love to learn to quilt, but I would need an "instructor" to come in my basket!

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    Coffee Lovers Basket

    I am all over this one!  I get up at 3am to do the morning show so coffee is a staple.  Easter inspired coffee mugs would be cute along with coffee beans and a grinder?  Or, you could give them variety with coffee and tea.  If you do that you could include tea bag holders or if you give loose tea you can include a tea infuser or tea strainer.

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    Movie Lovers Basket

    This one is fun!  Obviously you 'd want to put gift cards to a local movie theater, but for home viewing purposes you could include microwave popcorn and the big boxes of movie theater candy you can find at some department stores.  Include bottles of soda or depending on their age you could put in a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine.