I’m awakened by Ms. Kelly about a quarter after 12 in the morning saying that she can hear something going on outside.  Sounds like something’s going on out behind the house. I said call the cops as I got ready to head out to investigate myself.

As I was getting ready the phone rang 12:15 in the morning? I pick it up and it’s the Superior Police Department asking if I could go out and talk to the officer has there has been break-ins tonight. Sure enough my S-10 was broken into rummaged through and everything in the glove compartment was all over the place, nothing but some change was taken.

Turns out it was a 15-year-old boy going around a six block radius stealing from vehicles, someone in the neighborhood noticed the kid walking around so late and followed him with his car and called the police, the police did find the boy and obviously picked him up and he admitted to what he was doing. So my question is are the parents held responsible? What was a 15-year-old doing out that late at night anyway?

Thanks goes out to the Superior Police Department and the individual who followed this kid and made the call.

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