AA batteries seem to last a lifetime from your clock or your remote, then there’s that time when it just doesn’t work you need to find another battery. You go to the drawer and there all dumped out. So how do you know if a battery still good? We’re trying out this life hack with the battery bounce test.

I love checking out the life hack videos. Some of these videos are quite incredible and work very well. So let's give this battery hack a try.

In the battery hack life video, it tells you that you can take two batteries one full one empty and drop them onto a hard surface and the dead battery will bounce much higher than the full battery and possibly stay upright.

In doing this test it was very hard to see which battery actually bounced higher. It never worked out like the life hack video where the full battery would sit up on it end. So we will watch the video slow it down and see if we can tell which battery is full.

I feel it was a fail, does energy in batteries have weight?

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